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Antique Is The New Home For “NATURE-BASED” Innovation

Picturesque Antique is often likened to a sea horse in shape, perfectly situated between the sea and the mountain, facing the Cuyo East Pass to the west, and mountain ranges to the east. The long mountain ranges is home to diverse flora and fauna while its aquatic environment boosts productive marine life.

The province has many untapped natural, cultural and historical heritage, as well as community-based eco-tourism packages that are attractive to nature lovers and adventure seekers. The tourism areas in Northern Antique are developing and the rest of the province are still to be developed. Each town or municipality has its own unique tourism product.

Because of its proximity to Boracay, tourists can experience nature and adventure in Antique. The whole 155 km stretch of coastal areas in Antique is suited for various water sports activities such as snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving and boating while its 35 km wide area from the coast to the mountains is best for inland and mountain adventures.

Antique is composed of 18 municipalities; 1 island, 3 inland, and 14 coastal. The Northern municipalities namely Libertad, Pandan, Sebaste, Culasi and Tibiao are part of the Northern Antique Tourism Circuit, and gear to become a nature-adventure capital of Panay Island because of its superb natural heritage that includes cascading waterfalls, tropical white and black beaches, virgin forests, wildlife, good coral reefs, clean rivers and caves.

With its abundant resources and hardworking knowledgeable people, the province has great potential in welcoming new opportunities and investments. 


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